Sathya Resort

Sun Flower

Set amidst the gardens of the hotel, guests can enjoy a wide range of finest cuisines and beverages, in an open-air restaurant called “sun flower”. By day it is awash with sunlit hues from the garden and by night it takes on a friendly and lively vibe.

Sunday Gourmet Dinner

The beautiful meadows of this restaurant provide the perfect setting for a family outing on Sunday with Babysitter, Puzzles, Drawings Competition and Games with gifts, to take care of the children’s.

You can indulge with unlimited premier live Kebabs, Grills and Stir/Deep/Shallow Fries. Also on the course is a fine repertoire of salad bar and fresh breads and a delicious dessert selection. “Sunflower” as your destination and pamper your taste buds. This is a veritable sensory feast for the perfect Sunday.